Wear a piece of and represent our off-road Impreza community! All our apparel is made from high quality materials and built to last. We believe that if you're going to shell out your hard earned cash, you should get something that is comfortable and isn't going to fall apart. We take pride in our apparel and we think you will enjoy wearing it.
Dirt is for racing. Tarmac is for getting ...

$15.95   $13.95 Baby Onesie

$16.95   $15.95 Bandanna

$5.00 Pacenote T-shirt (v2.0)

$14.95   $12.95 Pacenote T-shirt (v3.0)

$15.95   $13.95 Stage Rally Pullover Hood...

$39.95   $35.95 Stage Rally Zipup Hoodie ...

$45.95   $39.95

I Love DI Ladie's Tanktop

$17.95   $15.95

SALE! - I Love DI Men's T-shirt

$16.95   $12.95